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  1. tomatometer=8,4 of 10
  2. Set in Italy, the film follows the lives and interactions of two boys/men, one born a bastard of peasant stock (Depardieu), the other born to a land owner (de Niro). The drama spans from 1900 to about 1945, and focuses mainly on the rise of Fascism and the peasants' eventual reaction by supporting Communism, and how these events shape the destinies of the two main characters
  3. Bernardo Bertolucci
  4. Country=France
  5. 1976

Watch Online Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny HD 2016 Solar Movies Full Movie putlocker9

Du Lu Wang. country China. Liked It 15695 votes. average rating 6,6 of 10 Stars. 96 min

Doddmane Hudga Online in Hindi Streaming Online no sign up

430 Vote
release date - 2016
director - Soori
7 of 10 stars

Watch cinema Hi I Need to be Loved monova directed by Marnie Ellen Hertzler OneDrive

  • Creators=Marnie Ellen Hertzler
  • movie Info=Hi I Need to be Loved is a short starring Isobel Arnberg, Eric Brown, and Maya Martinez. Actors from Craigslist audition for a film by reading spam emails from a teleprompter. Three are cast: A Dancer, A Chef, and A Milkmaid. Is
  • Country=USA
  • Documentary
  • average rating=7,1 of 10 Star

Amazon Download Video

liked It 286 Votes. Documentary, Short. 1997. The Amazon is the biggest river on Earth. Only little of plant and animal life along its banks is known to man. And there are many secrets known to the tribe shamans of which we never heard. During a journey of one of those shamans down the river from one of its wells, who meets a western scientist traveling up the river from the sea, the audience experiences a huge variety of landscapes, animals (pink dolphins, for example), plants and people. Mark Plotkin

La Mujer De Los Perros Torrent Movie

average Rating=6,9 / 10 Rating=145 Vote directed by=Laura Citarella, Verónica Llinás Writer=Laura Citarella reviews=La mujer de los perros is a movie starring Verónica Llinás, Juliana Muras, and Germán de Silva. A woman walks through the field. Surrounding her, the dogs run, and whirl, and roll, and spread all over the frame, undoing fiction like

Country Japan Gipusu

  • Akihiko Shiota
  • Year - 2000
  • 101 vote
  • cast - Tôru Tezuka
  • countries - Japan


8,2 / 10 Star

Runtime: 173 minutes

Republic of Macedonia

creator: Cristi Puiu

director: Cristi Puiu

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